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Aerial photography work

At Andrews & Arnold Ltd, we offer a diverse range of services. From 2016 we have extended our services to include aerial photography.

What can we offer

We are able to visit your site, ideally near Bracknell, and fly a small unmanned aircraft with UHD video camera to video buildings, people, vehicles, etc.

  • Video capture of site and aerial still shots.
  • Survey of roof/guttering, etc.
  • Promotional video shots
  • Wedding receptions, etc.
  • Coverage of events - ideal for small clubs and social groups

We can offer some basic video editing to make compilations and presentations or simply provide the raw footage as you require.

How much

The price depends on the job, but typically it is several hundred pounds for half a day with video coverage for up to an hour, plus additional charge for travel, accommodation, video editing, etc.

Basic requirements / permissions

If you are planning an event and want us to provide aerial photography, this is what we can do, and what you may need to discuss with the land owner.

  • We will need control for the site. This means ensuring that people are briefed on the use of the aircraft in the area, and safety consideration, etc. People at the event will need to agree to the use of the aircraft and video footage and stills being recorded.
  • We will need control of any other buildings, vehicles, or people within 50m of where you want us to fly. This is not quite as bad as it sounds in that we only need 30m of where we take-off / land, and can fly at a height of more than 50m if necessary. However, if you need us to get close footage of buildings, etc, we will need to consider the 50m range and obtain agreement of people in surrounding buildings. This is mainly a concern if you want aerial shots of a house in a housing estate, for example, as we will need to talk to several neighbours to obtain their agreement.
  • We can fly as close to your buildings, vehicles, or participants as the pilot considers safe as long as we have control of them. This means we can do close-up aerial photography of your buildings with no problem. We can fly up to 120m (400ft) altitude, though the pilot may choose to work to a lower ceiling if near an airport for safety reasons..
  • We need permission of the land owner for take-off and landing. You can assure them that we have CAA Permission for Aerial work in accordance with the Air Navigation Order 2016, and Commercial Insurance in accordance with that permission and EC Regulation 785/2004. Our pilots have passed theory and practical flight tests as required by the CAA.
  • Whilst we will do basic site safety assessment for the aerial work, everyone is responsible for safety and must take notice of all safety notices and instructions.

Where we cannot fly

We cannot fly in the dark, high wind, or when raining/etc. The pilot has final say on whether the weather is acceptable. The pilot has final say on all safety matters and may call off the aerial work for safety reasons at any time.

There are some restricted areas where we cannot fly. As we have a small unmanned aircraft, flying near airports is not actually an issue, though we will normally contact air traffic control. Some sites are restricted due to military activity or severe radio activity.

We are restricted from flights within central London and any such work will require significant planning and additional CAA permissions which could take months and add to the costs.

Large organised events will need additional planning, and events of over 1,000 people need additional CAA permission which could take months and add to the costs.


Unlike most photographers, having paid us to take images, you can use the raw/edited images/video we provide to you, in whatever way you wish, for no extra charges or licence fees.

Do it yourself

It is easy to purchase a drone yourself and fly around, but there are a number of legal restrictions which mean that you cannot normally do aerial photography yourself. You are not allowed to work over, or within 150m of, any congested area (which covers housing estates, industrial areas, etc) or do any commercial operations without permission from the CAA. We're happy to help you understand these restrictions, and if you can legally do the work yourself you may be able to save some money.

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