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An old/special tariff that is not normally available.

Home Extra Line£13.20 pcm
Office Extra Line£20.00+VAT pcm
Charity-500 Light£20.00+VAT pcm
Home-500 Light£28.55 pcm
Home-500£57.60 pcm
Home-1000 Light£40.80 pcm
Home-1000£72.00 pcm
Office-500£52.41+VAT pcm
Office-500 Fast£84.00+VAT pcm
Office-1000£74.64+VAT pcm
Office-2000£104.00+VAT pcm
Backup-500£20.00+VAT pcm
Home::1 125G
Home::1 200G£25.00 pcm
SoHo::1 100G£20.00+VAT pcm
SoHo::1 200G£25.00+VAT pcm
SoHo::1 300G£35.00+VAT pcm
SoHo::1 Topup£10.00+VAT

Usage based tariffs

Customers on older usage based tariffs have a different system to over and under usage rollover. 1GB tariffs allowed some under usage rollover and no over usage roll over. Other tariffs allowed no under usage rollover but allowed over usage rollover up to 10GB.