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Broadband full price list

One off charges

BB MigrationFREECost for migrating ADSL broadband to us (BT or TT) from another non-LLU provider.
BB RegradeVariesRegrading services between TT/BT backhaul or to/from FTTC or FTTP, etc, have costs. Ask sales for details. This is generally the same as migrating from another provider. In some cases regrading back to BT backhaul can be from full LLU and so is the full install price.
BB Takeover£1Cost of taking over service from another AAISP broadband customer.
PSTN Install£60Cost of installing new PSTN (telephone) service.
PSTN Takeover£15Cost of taking over PSTN (telephone) service from openreach provider (e.g. BT Retail).
PSTN Start£15Cost of re-starting an existing stopper PSTN (telephone) openreach based service. i.e. where a service is ceased but still connected to the telephone exchange.
Prepay Usage£3.90 pcmPrepay usage tariff, min 2 units/month per site.
Excess Usage£5.64Excess usage, over allowed carry over.
Migrating awayFREELeaving us by migrating to another provider.
Cease£30Leaving us by disconnecting service rather than migrating away.
Expedite£156Expedite of broadband order (faster install).

Ongoing charges

Gigabytes per unitsBroadband
Pre usage
base charge
Base service +2 units
9am-6pm Mon-Fri
All other times
BT ADSL50£50£12.20£20
TT ADSL50£50£12.20£20
BT FTTC50£60£22.20£30
BT FTTP50£100£22.20£30
Extra ADSL broadband£12.20 pcm£30Extra broadband on same login (ADSL).
Extra VDSL broadband£22.20 pcm12 month termExtra broadband on same login (VDSL).
Extra FTTP broadband£22.20 pcm12 month termExtra broadband on same login (FTTP).
Copper pair£12 pcmFREECopper pair for use with broadband (no telephone service).
Premium£12 pcm£10Premium service
Enhanced care£12 pcm£10Enhanced care
Annex M£12 pcm£10Annex M on BT 21CN ADSL2+ broadband
IPv6FREEFREENo charge for IP version 6 addresses

Additional internet services

UK Domain£1.20 pcmUK domain name registration. This covers registration of your domain with the UK name registry and acting as your agent. You will need DNS as well for the domain to do anything useful.
Other Domain£1.20 pcmcom/net/org/info domain name registration. This covers registration of your domain with the name registry. You will need DNS as well for the domain to do anything useful. We do not normally handle registration of other countries/domains but where we do the charges may be higher.
DNS£1.20 pcmPrimary and secondary DNS service for your domain, web based administration pages.
Email£1.20 pcmEmail services for a domain. Charge is per domain regardless of number of mail boxes or email addresses. Includes virus checking and spam filtering and IMAP email storage (up to 1GB peak storage in a month for the whole domain). High email usage will incur additional charges after warning emails have been sent.
Web space£1.20 pcmWeb space for use with your domain. Simple web server to serve pages/images/etc (not php/sql). Up to 1GB storage for domain and any sub domains.


We offer a range of tariffs, including packages for home users (Home::1) which allow usage from 200GB per month. You can change tariff any time you want at no cost, taking effect from your next billing month. If you do not use all of your quota in a billing month, half of the unused about is added to the next month as a quota bonus.

Old/special tariffs Hidden charges