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Broadband hidden charges

We have no hidden charges, however there can be extra charges which you might encounter. These are charges which do not apply to all customers, and many of them only apply if you do something wrong in some way which causes us extra costs.

BT costsThere are some significant charges listed here were BT make a charge to us and we pass on that charge. Please take careful note of these as they can be quite expensive, especially missed appointment and SFI charges.

Extra charges

£4.57PostageWe normally charge postage at cost, though some services may include postage in the price. For most customers the postage is the charge for the router and splitters we send with the new service. These are sent Royal Mail tracked 48 (like 2nd class).
£5.64Usage excessOur units based tariffs have usage levels defined. A buffer is allowed to carry over to the next month but beyond this you are charged for over usage. There are also tariffs like Home::1 which have charges if you choose to top-up usage.
£6.00ChequesYou can pay by bank transfer or by Direct Debit at the same price. Unlike many companies, paying via bank transfer does not have a surcharge, although some services are only available if you pay by Direct Debit. We still accept cheques from business customers - if you pay by cheque, please consider BACS or Direct Debit as we do charge an admin fee for extra work involved in handling cheques.
£6.00Admin feeWe have an accounts admin fee which we apply if you do something wrong which makes our accounts department have to do extra work. The main example is a BACS payment without the right reference. This fee also applies for a returned Direct Debit, or an attempt to claw back a valid direct debit or card charge.
-Min termFor some services we don't have a minimum term. Where a service does have a minimum term then you are charged an early termination fee if you leave within the minimum term.
-InterestIf, as a consumer, you pay late we charge interest at same rate as commercial debts (which is based on 8% over Bank of England rate). Commercial debts have statutory penalties which all commercial customers should already be well aware of.
-Price changesWe try and give plenty of notice of price changes and we also try and engineer them to be on a quarterly boundary. However, the price we charge is the price we know and have announced at the time we raise the bill. This can mean, where a price change has been announced in advance we charge the new price for part of the advance billed period. We don't go back and change invoices already issued, so a price reduction at short notice is not refunded and a price increase at short notice does not cause invoices to be re-issued for the higher price retrospectively. When we announce a price change we clarify when it applies. For goods and installation charges the price is that which applies when invoiced.
Cease fee
Usually when someone no longer wants broadband service from us they are moving it to another provider, which is free. However if the broadband is to be ceased completely and not migrated then there is a cease charge which applies. Some services line Home::1 do not have a cease fee as we have simplified the whole package and made it have a minimum term to cover such costs.
Cancellation fee
Any order we submit to BT can usually be cancelled up to a point. If we cancel an order then BT charge us a cancellation fee. If you ask us to cancel an order then we will pass on that charge. The catch here is that this applies to free orders such as line settings changes and upgrading to 21CN though we have asked BT to change their prices so as not to charge for cancelling orders for free services in future.
Abortive visit
If a BT engineer is arranged to visit your premises and cannot gain entry then BT charge us an abortive visit charge which we pass on at cost. It is important to ensure BT engineers have access in the time frame of the agreed appointment.
There are often cases where a BT engineer visit results in us being charged. We dispute these in almost all cases, but we pass on the charge if we are unable to. The circumstances for such charges are where there is no fault in the BT network - i.e. that we/you are wasting the engineers time with a pointless visit. We try to avoid such charges by ensuring all checks are done and confirming a genuine fault exists before booking any appointment.

BT charges

Note that where BT make a charge to us and we pass it on, we will use all reasonable efforts to dispute the charge, and take any additional evidence you can provide from you to assist in that process. If we succeed in disputing the charge with BT we will credit the charge we have made to you.

Also watch out for

Extra itemsThere may be extra items you want to buy and did not realise were not included. The main examples are a wireless router if you need one, and a broadband splitter. These are not really extra charges as they are optional products you can buy if you wish and the price is listed on the price list and order form. Do check what other items you may wish to buy before ordering.
TelephoneIt is clear that you need a phone line for ADSL broadband, but is not obvious to everyone that you need a telephone handset of some sort. This is needed if you ever have a fault as one of the first tests that need doing is confirming you have a dial tone or audio message, and no crackling on the line. If you don't have a telephone handset you may wish to buy one. We don't sell analogue telephone handsets but they are readily available.
Master socketTelephone installations have, for many many years, been installed using a master socket. A master socket provides a way to disconnect your extension wiring from the telephone line. It is important for testing when there is a fault. If you don't have a master socket, or if there is incorrect wiring in your house the wrong side of the master socket, that can cause faults. Importantly this can mean that an engineer will find fault in your wiring and may mean an SFI2 charge could apply, which is not cheap. BT or your line supplier do offer a service to regularise a master socket which you may wish to discuss with them to avoid the risk of charges when there is a fault.