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Internet Access Office::1

Two BT socketsNormal broadband lines were never really designed to provide the same level of speed and reliability as traditional expensive leased lines for businesses. However, by using multiple lines with intelligent bonding and fall-back AAISP now offer our new Office::1 tariff. A high availability Internet access making use of broadband lines.

Our Office::1 package is very much office connectivity with all you need to get started with a new or existing business.

Note that this is not one of our units based tariffs, and is a special package for business customers.

Key features

  • Two newly installed broadband only copper pairs as part of the package - no separate phone bills to worry about, and one point of contact for faults. (Option for a third)
  • High speed broadband with backup line, or two broadband services bonded - in some cases provided via different back-haul carriers. (Option for a third)
  • Two broadband modem/routers, plus a spare in case of faults.
  • A FireBrick FB2700 router/firewall and SIP VoIP gateway to manage bonding and fall-back.
  • A 3G data dongle for backup - use with any suitable SIM and mobile data service.
  • Static block of IPv6 addresses, and a block of static IPv4 addresses as needed.
  • Power lead, labelling of all equipment, VoIP phones and WiFi (if required) - all in the box, configured and ready to go.
  • 12 month initial term, then rolling monthly contract.
  • Active line monitoring from both ends of the link.
  • 200GB included, additional 100GB/month steps, with top-up as needed
  • Option for 10TB download allowance.
  • IPsec secure tunnel links to other Office::1 sites.

How it works


What does this all mean?

It means your office, connected and on-line, 24/7, all handled by one industry leading provider.

It means making use of cheaper broadband technology to delivery higher availability services with bonding to get higher throughput and fall-back for faults. Nobody likes to consider faults or sell that there may be a fault, but they are a reality and by using multiple lines and 3G fall-back we can make them no more than a minor inconvenience.

Businesses often find that they become reliant on working Internet access, whether to access suppliers or communicate with customers, or even something as basic as phone calls. It is surprisingly common for businesses to use a single broadband line with no fall-back and then get a shock when there is any sort of problem. By using two lines, not only does this increase speed, it allows a line fault on one of the lines to be repaired while continuing to access the Internet on the other line. The 3G backup is the final step, just in case.

When considering our Office::1 service, consider what it would cost to have no Internet for a week?

How quickly can you get it?

Next day: We can usually ship the equipment for next working day, and if you have a suitable SIM card (or buy one of ours) you can be on-line using the 3G backup right away whilst waiting for your lines to be installed. This depends on coverage and a suitable SIM being used.

Normal install times for the lines start from around 7 working days, though availability of BT engineers in your location and time of year can mean this takes longer. We always arrange for brand new copper pair used only for the broadband links as that provides the best chance of a reliable and fast service. One or more of the lines will use BT back-haul for the broadband and that is installed the same day as the copper pair. For other carriers the broadband will be about a week after the copper pair is installed.

What this typically means is 1 day for 3G, 7 days for one broadband line, and 14 days for all services. Service charges start on the date the first broadband line is installed. 3G data usage is charged separately.

10 Terabyte download option

We have a special option for high download site providing a 10 terabyte (10,000GB) download allowance. The configuration consists of one high speed VDSL line as the main service, and an ADSL line as backup in case of faults. The VDSL service is set up with caps of 80Mb/s download and 20Mb/s upload but speed will depend on the specific line. As usual, a 3G dongle is provided as a final backup (charged at normal mobile data rates if used).

What does it cost?

As this is a business product, all prices on this page are exclusive of VAT.

The install cost covers installation of two copper pairs and broadband as well as basic configuration to meet your requirements. The service includes modems (including a spare), and a FireBrick FB2700 fully loaded (retail price £750), and a Three 3G dongle. This equipment is then rented as part of the service.

ServiceOne-off costOngoing cost
Two line Office::1 (200GB)£250£200 pcm
Three line Office::1 (200GB)£350£225 pcm
Two line Office::1 (300GB)£250£275 pcm
Three line Office::1 (300GB)£350£300 pcm
Office::1 10TB with ADSL backup£250£300 pcm
Top-up 50GB when over allowance£50-

What is with the VoIP stuff?

The basic package is for Internet access, but if you want to use Voice over IP for your telephones, we can help ensure that is set up sensibly. We can work with other providers or provide telephones and telephone numbers as part of the package. Just tell us what you need - we can provide:-

  • Blocks of local phone numbers so you can have hunt groups and direct dial in (DDI) for staff.
  • Desk phones including busy lamp field, hold, transfer, and conference.
  • Conference room hands free phones for those that cannot make the meeting.
  • DECT base stations and DECT phones allowing mobile use around the office.
  • SIP2SIM mobile voice SIMs allowing mobiles to be just another office extension.

What about WiFi equipment?

We are pleased to recommend and supply the Ubiquiti Unifi WiFi equipment. Unlike most simple domestic WiFi access points or WiFi modules on broadband routers, the Ubiquiti system provides Enterprise level scalable multi-access-point control and management with sensible pricing. It allows multiple access points and larger numbers of devices. It can work with the FireBrick providing different SSID (WiFi names) on separate VLANs to provide separate access for different purposes, e.g. a restricted access NATted visitor LAN. It can even provide guest access systems with splash screens or sign-up screens if you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee no downtime?
Sadly not. The use of multiple lines and 3G backup drastically reduce the chance of problems and outages. The most difficult problems with any broadband service are copper pairs faults, which can take days to fix, but rarely affect more than one line. By having two, we reduce the downtime. Having a final 3G backup provides a last resort. Even so we cannot guarantee no outages. Bear in mind problems can exists the other side of the internet as well - the site to which you are trying to connect may have issues, and we cannot control that.
How quick is the fall back?
It depends on the nature of the fault, but if a line goes off line completely then we typically have reduced service (packet loss) for up to ten seconds and then run on the one remaining line.
Is there a minimum term?
Yes, the initial term is 12 months, then a rolling monthly contract.
It seems cheap!
Compared to most leased line or fibre solutions this is a cheap package. We are making use of traditionally less reliable links and multiple lines to provide a high availability service at a reasonable price.
It seems expensive!
If you are comparing this with a typical broadband service, then it may seem expensive. What you need to ask yourself is how much could losing Internet access for a day or two end up costing you. We are aiming to provide a high availability service for a reasonable price and we think this package is reasonable. If you are out in the sticks with long lines and slow broadband this service can start by offering two or three times the normal broadband speed by using multiple lines.
Why copper pairs as well?
By including newly installed, broadband only, copper pairs with the service we minimise the possibility of issues with telephones, phone systems, fax machines, card machines, extension wiring, etc. We also ensure one bill and one point of contact. We include the modem and FireBrick router in the package which means there is no option of you having to call one party who blames another and you have to call them. Whether a fault is in the copper pair, broadband or equipment it is our responsibility to sort it. We can check the service works right up to the port on the FireBrick on your network.
Do you come and set it all up?
We don't visit, but a BT engineer will come and install the copper pair. We send a box containing all of the equipment and instructions, and we can talk you through what to plug in where on the phone. We are working with IT consultants and installation firms who will offer packages including installation and may include PCs and network setup as well.
What if I use too much?
Obviously it would not be good for a high-availability service to stop working when you hit a usage limit - what happens is we top up your service with 50GB more (which lasts to end of following month) and bill you immediately for that. This avoids a surprise at the end of the month. You can pick a usage level to avoid these top-up bills and save money if you are regularly topping up. With the 10TB allowance we simply slow the service to 30Mb/s until the next month starts, allowing usage from the coming month in advance.
What if I use the backup line?
If you use the mobile backup, this is charged at mobile data rates, and could even be a SIM of your choice quite separate from our network. If you have the 10TB package, then you will have a backup DSL line - using this will cause top-up charging to be applied, however, if the use of the backup is because of a fault in the main line, this will be credited on request.
Can I migrate to this from an existing tariff?