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Broadband Free UK domain

We include a FREE UK domain with broadband services on our units based tariffs. Note that is is not included with Home::1 and Office::1 special tariffs.

We also include the associated DNS, webspace and light usage email services for the domain.

The web space includes sub domains so every member of the family can have separate web sites if they like.

The email includes as many separate mailboxes and aliases as you like so everyone in the family or office can have a separate email address.

The domain is registered on your behalf, and is registered in your name, so you can take it with you if you leave us.


  • Free domain and associated services apply to our units based tariffs only.
  • The domain has to be a normal UK domain, i.e. ending co.uk, org.uk, me.uk, or if applicable plc.uk, ltd.uk, sch.uk. You can choose the domain when ordering, or later by contacting sales.
  • One domain is included per site/login even if you have multiple lines on the site. The domain is associated with the login.
  • The basic DNS, webspace and email services associated with the domain are included - you cannot move or trade off these free services to other domains.
  • Only the basic services are included. i.e. if you store more than 1GB on webspace or email you can incur extra charges. Email services also have a charge for higher usage.
  • The services are only free while you have the broadband service. If all lines on the associated login are ceased the domain and related services become chargeable. You need to cease these separately if you no longer require them.