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Broadband extra line

An extra line simply means having an additional broadband line at the same site as other lines. The lines all operate under one common login. Each line has its own broadband router. The extra line is charged at the line-only rate for the type of line. The usage for all of the lines on the same login is metered together under the selected tariff for the group of lines. The extra line can be premium or not as you wish.

If you have a broadband line it is likely to be reliable most of the time. There can be faults, as with any service, and they are usually fixed quickly. The types of fault that typically take any length of time to fix are physical faults on the line. However, if you have two lines then the chance of both having a fault is dramatically reduced. Almost any type of physical fault on a line only affects one of them and so the other continues to work.

Having a second line also adds the possibility of extra speed. Our systems can send traffic to you down both lines at once, balanced to their respective speeds, and automatically stop using one line if it develops a fault. The service can also be configured to send traffic to one line normally and only go to a second line if the first stops working. You can combine both approaches on the same set of lines with different blocks of IP addresses. One example might be VoIP traffic on one line and internet access on the other, but if either line fails then both blocks route to the one remaining line automatically.

You do not have to stop at two lines, you can have three or four, or more. However the benefit of bonding lines is reduced as the number of lines increases as a result of TCP packet reordering.

If you do not have a suitable phone line for a second broadband service we can provide a phone line (no calls) specially for it. This gives you one bill and one point of contact for any faults.

High availability

It is impossible to guarantee 100% availability on any internet connection, but we can address the most likely types of failure such as the individual line itself breaking by having two lines. The next most likely failure we find is the back-haul network which carries data from the equipment in the exchange through to us. To cater for outages affecting this network (exchange equipment, BRASs, MSILs, etc.) we can often provide the additional line using Be infrastructure. This connects to the same dual redundant equipment at our end but gets there via a different route.

How to order

To order an extra line you need a suitable phone line (or we can provide a phone line). Just order broadband and you are offered the option of adding this as an extra line to your existing service.

Note: Having an extra line is not a guarantee that one line will always be working. There are types of fault that could affect both lines at once. An extra line provides a better chance of always having at least one line working. We will always use reasonable skill and care to rectify any faults promptly.