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About us


We aim to provide top quality leading edge telecommunications solutions for technical and professional customers.

The company was formed in 1997 and has grown over the years into the thriving company it is now. We have two offices in Bracknell as well as equipment racks in many UK data centres.

no bullsh*tWe pride ourselves in a high level of technical competence within our support team. We have a policy of no bullsh*t and will not fob you off with a convenient but unhelpful answer. Technical expertise is at the core of the company - with the director taking an active part in all aspects of the company's systems and R&D. We welcome your feedback on any aspect of our support and services.

Andrews & Arnold Internet service (called AAISP) was launched in 1998, and provided dialup ISDN and analogue with fixed IP and SMTP mail delivery. Now AAISP provides a range of services including a premium business Broadband permanent internet connection with fixed IPv4 and IPv6.

We aim to be at the leading edge of technology, taking part in advance trials of services wherever possible. We have our own research and development team allowing us to use leading edge custom manufactured routers and equipment as part of our services. These offer unique features such as a constant quality monitoring system for broadband customers.

We also provide some photographic and engraving services.

Registered in England & Wales, 3342760. VAT regd VAT 678 7316 84. Full Contact details

Enterprise Court

map pinMAP SU859691

We endorse digital security and are happy to receive PGP encrypted emails. We also sign electronic documents that we email using PGP. Please see our PGP keys for more details.

Building a business relationship

We aim to build good business relationships with our customers and suppliers. Whilst we are not ISO 9000 accredited we understand the principles of quality, and are always striving to improve our business processes. We welcome constructive comments.

Our key company goals are :-

  • Constant improvement
  • Providing quality goods and services at a fair price
  • Providing good technical support and understanding
  • Being prompt and efficient
  • Being frank and honest

In return we do expect our customers to be honest with us, and to pay their bills on time.

If you are not happy with any aspect of the services we provide, please contact us.