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Knowledge base Faxtext SMS/email gateway

For over a decade Andrews & Arnold have provided a text to email or fax gateway. This has in the past been done on a mobile phone but is now done using a direct SMS gateway we use for our texting services. It has been used by people throughout the world to send a text that is forwarded by email or fax. The gateway was called faxtext as it was originally only for handling SMS that were forwarded as faxes and was then extended to email as well.

Faxtext number


UK users can normally text 01444666888

How to use

Simply start your text with either a fax number or an email address. Do not put any spaces in the number/address. The phone number can be international format, or UK format. Only one phone number or email address per text. The text can be a long (multi-part) text if you wish, and can use new-line characters as well as the less usual UTF-8 characters including £ and €.

For faxes the message is emailed using TPC so will only work to some destinations. Also, faxes will have the TPC sponsors advert.

For emails and faxes we add our company name and URL.


The service is free and unlimited use. Do not use to spam or abuse people. Your originating phone number is included in the email/fax that is sent.